The feedback were getting from CBD fresh roast coffee is excellent.

“This CBD Coffee is amazing, the Colombian Arabica tastes fantastic and is very moreish. Let’s be honest, you don’t want your coffee to taste earthy or like grass!”

“Waking up and looking forward to my first morning coffee after a really good sleep – superb coffee and all the benefits of CBD to see me through the day.”

“If you like your coffee black, strong or with milk and sugar, all you need is your favourite fresh brew to sit back and relax while the caffeine and CBD kicks in and regulates your nervous system and stress levels, to feel more energized and motivated. It’s the ideal synergy between alertness and relaxation so you can be more focused, productive, and calm throughout the day.”

“I really do want CBD, but don’t like the taste or the time it takes to let cbd drops soak in under the tongue. I’ve switched, because I get more value for my money and more pleasure from Coffee King CBD coffee, it’s my new win-win!”