Rather than adding CBD drops to a cup of coffee, we start with top quality raw ingredients.  We infuse Colombian, 100% arabica coffee during the roasting process, with 100% Colorado, organic broad spectrum hemp cannabinoids and natural CBD, to ensure all the goodness of the CBD is delivered into our delicious coffee, with none of the bitter, grassy taste that CBD oil seems to have.

In addition to finding the right, wellness inducing balance between cannabinoids and coffee, we seek to make sure that our products promote wellness by ensuring that they are as free as possible from incidental contaminants like harmful agrochemicals and heavy metals. For this reason, we work closely with both our coffee and hemp producing partners, to ensure best practices are carried out on the farms that produce our raw materials. We also consistently have our hemp extracts tested by 3rd party laboratories to ensure that they are free from heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents and to ensure that the potency and purity of our products are up to spec. All of our finished coffee products fall between 100 and 120% of the CBD dosage reported on the packaging.

As avid coffee fans we believe that coffee and CBD is a match made in heaven, all the natural goodness, the flavonoids, and cannabinoids from both is enjoyed as part of our daily routine – drinking great coffee with a rich, balanced flavour, hints of milk chocolate, black cherry and a smooth finish.

Often, to ingest CBD it’s combined with other products, not necessarily ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Drops are mostly an oil carrier, and CBD in sugary sweets, chocolate and cakes can be nice, but no, thanks, not every day. So how about excellent coffee infused with CBD? – Yes please every time!

There is 13.33% more CBD in each of our 340 gram coffee packs compared to the average bottle of 3% strength CBD drops. (10 grams coffee = 10 mg CBD).