CBD oil and hemp oil are two different products with different properties and benefits. CBD oil is made from CBD extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp-derived CBD oil does not contain THC.

Hemp Seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp oil does not contain CBD (unless infused with CBD) and it does not contain THC.

It’s important to clear up the confusion between the names of these products. Hemp oil is another name for CBD oil, but some retailers refer to Hemp Seed oil as just Hemp oil, which is confusing and possibly misleading.

Some online retailers are selling Hemp oil products including coffee, which to the unwary can seem like the bargain priced CBD when in fact there is no CBD in the product at all!

Clean, pure CBD distillates are fairly priced, in a competitive market, and good quality CBD drops and other products including CBD coffee reflect that fact. You can rest assured that Coffee King CBD Coffee is of the highest quality and excellent value.