CBD Coffee

The benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD Coffee

The endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system is the most important neurotransmitter system you have in your body and in your brain. That’s because it regulates every other neurotransmitter system in the body. If you want overall health, instead of trying to target these different neurotransmitter systems, you want to target the one that regulates them all.

Research is showing us that cannabidiol, or C.B.D., is not only beneficial, it’s essential.

Humans have been consuming hemp for thousands of years. It’s been a part of their daily diet. We’re now working to reintroduce hemp, and cannabinoids, into the diet, through our coffee in a delicious and beneficial way.

We need to put those phytocannabinoids back in our diet. So that we’re helping to avoid being sick and we’re doing and feeling our best. And that’s really all anyone can ask for.

Our motto is to roast, innovate and delight. The innovation is about bringing something more, something new to that cup of coffee. A new experience, a new benefit. So we’ve chosen to work with hemp, and the cannabinoides that come from hemp, that really do help to bring and re-establish balance, into the human body. CBD and Coffee, it’s a match made in heaven.







Quality CBD Coffee You Can Taste & Feel

Why is Coffee King CBD Coffee so good? We source sustainable, clean, quality ingredients and our passion for roasting incredible coffee shines through into a delicious brew!

The CBD Experience

CBD Coffee for a Wellness Lifestyle

If you are into healthy living, mindfulness and natural remedies, our CBD-infused coffee will keep you feeling great all day long. You can choose the amount of CBD that works best for you by varying the amount of coffee used, either in each brew or the amount of brews per day. It makes good sense to start low and build up to an amount that suites you and your body.

CBD Coffee for an Active Lifestyle

It’s good to start your day off on the right foot and have enough energy and stamina for your daily activities. Our coffee alone is a quick and strong pick-me-up with notes of toasted marshmallow and cocoa nibs making a great tasting coffee. Combined with our Lab tested CBD, it’ll keep you awake, alert, and give you the courage you need to support your dynamic lifestyle. We recommend it as a single or double espresso shot in the morning and latte later in the day to get you out of an afternoon slump. It’s simple to regulate as 10 grams of coffee has 10mg of CDB.

It makes sense that CBD is associated with health, wellness, and vitality.

CBD has rapidly become an essential daily supplement for many in the UK who want to reap its numerous benefits. The new hemp revolution has helped countless people take control of their lives in ways that other supplements never could.

Not All CBD Products Are Equal

A large majority of CBD brands don’t produce their own CBD products. They outsource production and are happy to put their label on a product without being able to stand behind its origin, quality, or even speak to how ingredients are sourced.

How can you differentiate a high quality CBD product from a low quality one? The answer is in the level of transparency. Trustworthy CBD brands will be transparent with the details of their products, since they have nothing to hide. Look for CBD companies that make their lab results easy to access, and are available to answer any potential questions. Coffee King stands behind every cup of coffee with pride, and we’re committed to our customer’s satisfaction. Our supply partner works direct with licensed, organic farms, and we exclusively buy our CBD from trusted partners in the U.S. were the FDA regulate production.

Every CBD coffee product from Coffee King has a batch number and is completely traceable back to the beans and the CBD that went into them. Every Coffee King CBD product has a QR code you can scan to take you to the independent lab reports for the product.

Coffee King – Independent lab report.

The Coffee King Commitment

Coffee King’s transparency commitment goes beyond just CBD. We embrace the direct trade model and work closely with our import partner who works closely with the coffee farmers, ensuring ethical treatment and fair price. We believe in the natural and human element of all things, but especially coffee. All of our coffee is grown and processed by small farmers and communities. We roast every batch by hand and meticulously develop it to ensure that each cup is as good as the last.

Incorporating CBD Into Your Life

It always seems that the best things in life are simple. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t often require any forced changes, but rather a series of slight modifications.

You’ll find a myriad of CBD-infused products like edibles, gummies, chocolate, cookies and of course, coffee. It goes without saying that all of these sweet treats are delicious, but at what cost? CBD content or not, ‘sweets’ are still full of sugar, and consuming more sugar doesn’t support health and wellness.

Healthy habits are most successful when they are incorporated into routines that already flow with daily life. Many consumers of CBD use tinctures so that they can take their CBD sublingually, or add it to food or drink of their choosing. Coffee is an ideal partner for CBD because the two create a unique and harmonious balance. Rather than adding oily drops with earthy grassy tastes, Coffee King uses the complex infusion of pure CBD distillates into premium coffee, to produce a delicious and beneficial coffee. It’s a smart way to introduce CBD into your daily diet without the downsides and tastes associated with drops.


CBD Coffee & Your Lifestyle

Coffee King Craft Coffee stimulates the senses and uplifts the spirit, while the calming properties of CBD ease any potential jitters or anxiety that some people experience with consumption of caffeine.

CBD Coffee provides a balanced, alert, and focused experience that awakens the mind, body, and spirit. We offer our coffee in both Ground and whole bean, so you can enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee just the way you like it, and with just the right amount of CBD for your lifestyle.

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